Salaam Alaikum/Hello. My name is Sadaf Jamal. I am the founder of the non-profit organization, Move N Improve Canada. It is a health, wellness, yoga, female fitness and empowerment services program for all ages. It has been empowering women to turn struggles into strengths. The services started in 2013. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Science with specialization in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Waterloo. I am a certified Yoga Teacher from Yoga Tree registered with Yoga Alliance. I give spiritual care to people to love the life they live as I  volunteer as a Spiritual Caregiver at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital General Campus. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor from CanFit Pro and Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coach from Precision Nutrition and Fit Chicks Canada. I am a current student at University of Toronto doing my Master’s in Pastoral Studies to become a Pastoral Counselor.

What makes Move N Improve Canada unique is that we celebrate diversity. Our services cater to the cultural, nutritional, emotional and spiritual sensitivities of our participants. With a perfect blend of Yoga, cardio, resistance and strength exercises with proper nutrition, wellness and spiritual coaching, participants have lost weight and regained health. The biggest emphasis in the fitness classes is given to Yoga and breathing exercises to increase flexibility, focus and relaxation. The effectiveness of my Yoga fitness classes and nutrition coaching is due to the fact that I am sensitive to people’s culture, food preference, food budget, hectic schedule (I am a wife, mother and a student myself!), body type and traditions. Move N Improve’s Yoga and fitness classes and nutrition program suits every schedule and makes it easy for everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be the best version of themselves. Why? Because its Simple yet Profoundly Effective! The program arranges workshops on physical and mental health, Fitness and Nutrition. We are funded by Toronto Public Health for our workshops.  Our team arranges for outdoor activities and events for women that include sunrise watching, morning jogs and walks followed by healthy breakfast, bike-riding, hiking, bowling, boxing, zip lining, sky-diving etc.

I do NOT believe that beauty is measured in pounds. Health and confidence is beautiful and not every mirror can reflect that. With my work through Move N Improve, I aim to change women’s approach towards fitness and their mindset about body image. Every woman is on one diet plan or the other nowadays. They start dieting in the morning and many fail by the evening. I nutritionally coach people to love the food they eat. There is no diet debate in my program. I use the research based method of portion control to help people lose weight. My program has been highly successful and I feel honored to have helped many people.

We tend to forget that stomach is only a fist size. That is why I give huge importance to portion control. The intention of Move N Improve program is rooted in gratefulness for God’s gift of body, health and life. The program educates for active and healthy lifestyle. It empowers women through encouragement and spiritual uplifting to gain health, confidence and control. The only thing they lose is self pity and pounds!!!!

I run Yoga fitness classes in my studio. I held fitness and yoga classes at Sakinah Community Center and Al-Huda Scarborough. I also conducted youth yoga classes for Donald Coussens Public School. I have taught Hot Yoga at Moksha Yoga in Scarborough.

I give talks on the Importance of physical and mental health, spiritual wellness, fitness and nutrition at various community centers and libraries. City of Toronto, IPC, Community Innovation lab, Woodbine Public Library; ICNA center, White Haven Junior Public School, Al-Huda Scarborough, PI Center and Move N Improve Canada’s Studio are some of those places. I volunteer at Dr. ROZ Healing Place Shelter Home for abused women and children. I take part in Muslim Welfare Center’s charity work. I help out with the relief work carried out by ICNA.

My work has been recognized by House of Commons and Province of Ontario as I received “Leading Women Building Communities” awards. I have also been awarded “Women Who Inspire” Award by Canadian Council of Muslim Women. I have won 3rd place award by Community Innovation Lab for the most creative social enterprise serving community.

I am a wife, mother, student, teacher, volunteer and a simple human being, trying to leave a beneficial social footprint after me!


Salaam Alaikum/Hello everyone. My name is Natasha Laban. I am a certified Fitness & Nutrition & Wellness expert for women of all shapes and sizes, looking to start a life changing journey to achieve their health and nutrition goals.

Through my totally-motivating and interactive fitness classes, I am here to show you how to build confidence, muscle, strength, flexibility and power through fitness, nutrition and wellness – while combining every step with positive reinforcements, self confidence & results! I will show you how to get your sweat on, and hustle for that muscle – while making every step feel like a total victory!

I am also a certified Scarberian Boxing Club Personal Trainer. If you have specific goals you want to achieve, personal training is defiantly the way to go! My unique approach to turn your struggles into strengths, is one of a kind! Transforming your body, mind and turning your efforts into successes!

My fitness journey began like most women, busy with life but still wanting to be healthy and look and feel the way I used to.  Married, and mother of three young boys (two of them homeschooled) I found my energy levels decreasing but with no plan in sight I carried on.  My own personal goals were not a priority to say the least, nevertheless I started making plans to eat healthier but without any real direction or guidance.   I was receiving a lot of conflicting advice from articles, websites, family, friends and even neighbors.   I was confused and frustrated.

I could have started exercising at home with my husband as he keeps himself fit and is a professional boxing coach!  My husband never made me feel like I was unhealthy or plump.  In fact, he would always offer to help me whenever I complained about my weight but I just never took him up on the offer.

In school, I wasn’t in any kind of sports activities and even gym class resulted in constant battles with my gym teacher.  I convinced myself I didn’t like exercise…boy was I wrong!

Many years later, the pounds slowly crept up and I did not like the way I looked and felt. My modest clothing didn’t seem so modest anymore. I told myself I was happy the way I looked and I didn’t want to limit what I liked to eat, I thought losing weight meant that I would have to eat cabbage soup forever or stop eating carbs (just crazy!!!). Despite that, I maintained good health but at times felt out of shape.

Thank God, I was not forced to change my lifestyle due to some health crisis!  It was just my own realization and motivation.  Yes, MY own choice!  MY own resolve!  This was THE game changer.

It finally clicked. Yes, I was young with no serious health concerns but a lot of my blood relatives have suffered in their health due to poor eating habits and inactive lifestyles.  Reflecting on this really hit home.

I was sick and tired of making excuses. I HAD to do something and ‘I ’was worth it! This wasn’t me!

My health and fitness became MY priority!

During this time, I was eight months pregnant with my fourth child and I became more conscience of what I was eating.   I began to eat fruits and veggies daily in addition to home cooked meals. I also made plans to start a consistent exercise regiment after the birth of my baby.

Then it happened… THE turning point; I met Sadaf Jamal!

We first met at my husband’s boxing gym and I was excited to get started with her.

I began attending Sadaf’s Yoga classes two months after I gave birth and finally started to see a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. I attending as much as three days per week and I loved how I felt after each session.

I regularly attended her classes for two years, all the while developing a hidden (very deeply hidden) passion for fitness.

One day (another life-changing day) Sadaf announced that she was looking for help with her classes. I loved yoga and fitness but wasn’t sure if I was the right fit for the “job”.  But, I thought why not step up and make myself available.   I was amazed at her enthusiasm to bring me on board; and so, began my journey as a professional health and fitness instructor.

I began formal studies in the fitness and nutrition industry with direction, guidance and wisdom from Sadaf.

As of today, I am a certified Fitness Instructor [ F.I.S], Personal Trainer [P.T.S], Nutrition and Wellness Expert, [ F.N.E] and am CPR certified. [My gym teacher would be so proud]. I am highly skilled in cardio, resistance and strength training. I learned Yoga from Sadaf Jamal. I share my boxing skills and self-defense techniques during my fitness classes. I am a student as well as a mother. In short, when I teach the class, I make you feel even those muscles you thought did not exist in you! I bring a great spirit to the class. And when I am not coaching women on how to become motivated, confident and healthy centered individuals, you can find me very active with my best friends, my husband and 4 sons!

I am grateful be a proud member of the MOVE N IMPROVE Canada team as it continues to grow and be a leading organization dedicated to helping women all over the world become fit, healthy and turn their struggles into strengths.

I feel truly blessed to be a confident Muslim wife, mother of four awesome boys, with the loving support of my family!


Everyday is a new day, so let this day be yours.  Let’s Begin!

-Natasha Laban




Salam Walaikum/Hello Everyone.

My name is Afshan. I am currently a homemaker but I have worked all my life till last year. By profession I have worked as a marketing analyst / financial analyst for 10+ yrs. I graduated from York University in 2006 with a degree in business economics. I have two kids 5 and 7 so at the moment they are my priority.

Before 2016 I was living a life of a robot – going to work, rushing home to the kids, worrying about everyone else but myself. I was stressed, eating unhealthy, gained lots of weight and endless responsibilities. Alhamdulillah in 2016 Allah gave me clarity and self realization. I made a goal to take care of myself because our life is a blessing and we need to take care of it.

I joined YOGA with Sadaf in 2017 it was a great lifestyle change. Lots of misconceptions about Yoga got cleared up and it helped me a great deal. Guess what, I don’t have any lower back pain, Alhamdulillah. Yoga became a part of my life and now I am helping others to gain the benefits of it too. I am getting the guidance and training from Sadaf to practice teaching Yoga to my community. Thanks to Sadaf for the motivation and great training!