Constant practice of the following Yoga Postures can help with neck strains, tension headaches and damages of poor postures.


Lateral Flexion Stretch for your neck and trapezius muscles.

Inhale as you place one  hand on the side of your head. Exhale as you pull your head down as if you are trying to touch your ear to your shoulder.




Sit tall on a chair or stool.  Keep your spine straight and inhale.  Exhale as you twist and look over your shoulders.

Other yoga postures to help with text neck.

Weak core will not allow the upper body to stay upright adding stress to your neck. So try these core exercises anytime to keep your core strong and back flexible. Take breaks to avoid rapid disc degenerations.


Good posture is not only about keeping your back straight or standing tall or for stability of your body.  It is also for your organs, muscles, ligaments and joints to work at it its maximum potential.

Be mindful of your postures when you sit, stand, walk and specially use your phones.

Take breaks and just BREATHE.



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