Sadaf Jamal is a Muslim Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy student at University of Toronto. She is a certified Yoga teacher and Nutrition Coach. She holds culturally and faith sensitive workshops on topics of physical, mental and spiritual health education and awareness. With a wonderful combination of social sciences, spiritual psychotherapy, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises and flexibility movements, she helps people live healthier and fulfilled lives. The focus of her workshops is using spirituality to improve physical, mental and emotional well being in people. She discusses and offers culturally and faith sensitive intervention guidelines under the light of contemporary psychotherapy and spiritual care. Workshops’ topics include but not limited to body image, women empowerment, spiritual awareness, physical education, managing mental health challenges, navigating social media, identity crisis interventions, learning emotional intelligence, our reactions to gender identity issues, diversity and inclusion, etc. Self-defense techniques have been taught in earlier workshops from which participants learned to respond protectively in rough situations. Move N Improve Canada also holds workshops on nutrition and healthy active lifestyle. Seniors’ workshops include spiritual and physical care plan for managing challenges of older adulthood in places of residence different than their countries of origin. In workshops structured for Muslim community, Sadaf bridges the gap between classic and contemporary Islamic Psychotherapy to find solutions to our current mental health problems. Invite Move N Improve Canada to your next health workshop.

Duration of a Workshop: 2 hours.

Fees: $200/Workshop Plus Transportation Cost.