Move N Improve Canada is a not-for-profit organization providing physical, mental and spiritual health education to help improve people’s lives.

Move N Improve Canada (MNIC) is a non-profit, proudly Canadian organization offering physical, mental and spiritual health empowerment services to youth and women, founded by Sadaf Jamal. MNIC is honored to stand for global citizenship taking sustainable initiatives to make the world more equal, all-inclusive and fair place. With this in mind, MNIC collaborates with Toronto Public Health (TPH), City of Toronto, Toronto/York District School Board, University of Toronto (U of T), various shelter homes and many grassroots organizations to make culturally sensitive physical and mental health education accessible to various underrepresented community of diversity.
Founder of MNIC, Sadaf Jamal is a student at University of Toronto doing her Masters in Pastoral Studies obtaining her certification with College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. She has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from University of Waterloo in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher, Can-fit Pro Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition and Wellness Coach at MNIC. She is also a volunteer Spiritual Caregiver at SGH Hospital. Sadaf laid the foundation of MNIC in 2013 to cater to the cultural and faith sensitivities of diverse ethnic population of women to achieve their health goals in safe spaces without compromising their identity and values. MNIC encourages women and youth to be proud of their culture, faith, identity and heritage.
Sadaf has received Leading Woman Building Communities awards from House of Commons of Canada and Province of Ontario. She is awarded Jack Layton’s Award for her community services from Dr. Roz Healing Place. Toronto Public Health has supported MNIC’s community building initiatives with Investment in Youth Engagement grant. She teaches Flexibility Fusion Classes at University of Toronto.
MNIC’s team includes professionals from various sciences. Natasha Laban is MNIC’s Boxercise, Bootcamp, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, and Personal Trainer. Afshan Khan is a Yoga Instructor at MNIC trained by Sadaf. Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy will be provided by Sadaf after her Masters. Online Yoga classes taught by Sadaf are coordinated by Media Studies graduate Sarah Usman. We collaborate with Nazima Qureshi – Registered Dietitian of Canada to provide women culturally sensitive nutritious meal plans. The whole team inspires healthy living among youth and women of all ethnicity with easily accessible onsite and online programs such as Yoga and Bootcamp classes, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, and many educational workshops (led by Sadaf) on improving physical, mental and spiritual health.
MNIC’s workshops for youth are on significant issues such as self-esteem, identity crisis, cyber bulling, social media, tobacco prevention, sexual and drug abuse, suicide prevention and a variety of mental health topics. Many workshops are held for everybody in community centers not limited to women and youth.  MNIC’s Workshops for seniors include both men and women empowering them with hope, fulfillment, spiritual care and physical education in older adulthood.
MNIC’s Yoga classes have improved its participants’ overall functionality, flexibility and mobility by reducing common aches and pain in the body. Online Yoga classes have increased the reach of services to women. They are able to take classes from the comfort of their homes. Special breathing exercises taught in classes have helped people improve mindfulness, focus, insomnia, depression, anxiety, memory loss, and breathing problems. Prenatal Yoga has helped women with smooth labor. Bootcamp classes include cardio, strength training, toning and HIIT. Personal Training program has helped women achieve healthy weight through individualized fitness routines and nutrition guidelines.
MNIC has planned intriguing outdoor activities for ladies such as biking, walking, hiking, zip-lining, sky-diving, breathing exercises while enjoying the sunrise, running, and much more. Join us in our humble efforts of becoming an example to the world that an all-inclusive, productive initiatives are possible that turn people’s struggles into strengths through health and wellness.

It should be noted that yoga and fitness exercises are not a substitute for medical attention and therapy. Please seek proper medical care for your health and consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.