Move N Improve Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides a safe space for women of diversity where all stereotypes are broken in empowering and motivating them to reach their health goals. It helps women have the attitude of gratitude towards their body and health. Beauty is not measured in pounds. We help you be the best version of YOU.

Move N Improve Canada is a total fitness program for ladies only. It has been inspiring healthy living among its participants. It was established in 2013 to cater to the cultural and faith sensitivities of women to exercise and achieve fitness in the comfort of an all ladies facility at an affordable price.  All ladies are welcome regardless of age, health, size, faith and culture. We celebrate diversity. Our popularity is due to the fact that we are very efficient in offering our services with the attitude of inclusion and non-judgment. We help bridge gaps between communities as we cherish our friendly relationship among our participants with diverse backgrounds. We have started an initiative to break popular stereotypes about women, people of color, people of faith and people with special needs. Check out our YouTube channel “Move N Improve” for details.

Fitness routines are designed according to the individual’s health concerns and capabilities. Yoga classes increase flexibility in the body and help with joint and muscular pain. We provide body relaxation through gentle stretching and breathing exercises. Specialized Bootcamp classes are offered for all levels. Our unique, culturally sensitive Nutrition Coaching service is getting really popular as participants are reaching their target weight by eating everything! No diets. Only results! Personal Sessions are offered for both Yoga and Strength Training. We offer personalized Prenatal Yoga sessions.

Anybody can join.  Seniors are also welcome!  We plan outdoor activities for ladies like biking, walking, hiking, zip-lining, sky-diving, breathing exercises while enjoying the sunrise, running, etc.  Sign up Sheet is available at the Studio (@2250 Midland Avenue, Unit #29,  Scarborough) for our outdoor activities.

If you are looking to exercise comfortably with Certified Yoga and Fitness Female Instructors who are also certified as Nutrition and Wellness Coaches in an all ladies facility then look no further. Our studio offers fitness routines catered to personal fitness level.  It should be noted that yoga and fitness exercises are not a substitute for medical attention and therapy. Please seek proper medical care for your health and consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.