Our Nutrition Coaching Program has helped many women shed 10 20 30 pounds with NO DIET.

Just by a unique method of PORTION CONTROL.

Quick Guide for Hand Method of Portion Control

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Message from Sadaf: Remember Allah SWT sends our souls to this earth in our bodies. The first and only real home of our soul is our body. Don't chase big houses, great condos. Cherish and be grateful for your body and health. These are the greatest gifts of Allah SWT. Beauty is not measured in pounds. Be the best version of YOU. Keep Moving. Keep Improving!!! www.moveNimprove.com

Posted by Move N Improve Canada on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We are proud to offer Multicultural Nutrition Coaching.  We use “Stomach-is-only-a-fist-size” technique. Join our Habit Based Nutrition Coaching that ‘ll help your whole family.  No Diet Format! Testimonials


3 Kinds of Fitness Classes

3 Kinds of Fitness Classes

Yoga. Bootcamp. Kickboxing.
One-on-one Appointments

One-on-one Appointments

Nutrition Coaching, Personal Yoga and Wellness Sessions, Personal Training
Outdoor Events and Activities

Outdoor Events and Activities

Morning jogs followed by healthy breakfast, Bike-Riding, Hiking, Bowling, Skydiving, Zip lining, etc
Nutrition and Wellness Workshops

Nutrition and Wellness Workshops

Raise awareness about active lifestyle and healthy living


  • “Sadaf is very knowledgeable and helps each student individually according to their needs and requirements. I’ve been attending her classes for over a year now and have continually seen many changes in my stamina and how I feel about my body overall. I enjoy the fact that she mixes yoga with cardiovascular so we get a full body work out.”

    Farida, ECE Provider
  • “Move N Improve is not just a great way to get toned and in shape, but a great way to fight the winter blues too. It’s hard to find ways to be active and healthy in winter, and Move N Improve provides a comfortable place for women to go and work out with yoga and cardiovascular exercises, that leaves you feeling better all week.”

    Karon, Teacher
  • “Move N Improve has been a wonderful experience for me. I can actually feel the difference. I feel more energetic, my health has improved, and I learn something new in every class. Instructor Sadaf is amazing. Instead of running a class based on just a certain set of moves, she focuses on the individual according to her needs. I would definitely recommend her classes!”

    Nazneen, Self-Employed
  • “The Move N Improve class is a perfect balance of different exercises/fitness methods that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The environment is a friendly and positive one; and anyone who attends that class is able to work at a pace and level that suits them.”

    Mrs. S., Busy Mom
  • “Yoga classes with Sadaf turned out to be very beneficial for me. I had pain I my shoulders and back, but after regular practice in these classes they just seemed to disappear. Initially I had tightness in my muscles which is alot better now. Sadaf shows everyone in the class (each at their own level) how to use yoga postures to each an everyone’s benefit. Since I have been following her advice, I feel my life has changed. Her friendly attitude also allowed us to ask questions openly about health that maximized the benefit from these classes.”

    Rizwana, Student
  • “Sadaf’s yoga classes are great! I love how she manipulates the exercises per individual needs. She observes individuals’ physical weaknesses and offers strategies to improve your physical well-being by offering strengthening exercises specifically for you. I find my core muscles become stronger through yoga and I can extend the length of time I can hold a position. It helps me with my flexibility and balance. I definitely need to attend yoga sessions more often as I find I’m challenged more in hockey or boxing when I lose my elasticity.”

    Saberina, Junior Public school Teacher
  • “Classes are fantastic. I get a great work out and meet some lovely ladies. I learn about slow breathing and feel good. Please try it out!”

    Ghazala, Teacher
  • “Being a busy mom of four young ones, I was extremely excited to find Move N Improve. It not only provides a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment, it also includes a wonderful instructor who is motivational and warm, always providing clear directions for newcomers and longtime members. Love the mix of women, women who are just like me, wanting the best for our health and body, thanks to Move N Improve we are getting closer to our goals!”

    Natasha L., Busy Mom
  • I am so happy I joined! The kickboxing classes are very well organized and I am learning a lot. Thanks!

    Samina, YRDSB


Yoga Classes

$50 per month
12 Classes
Drop-ins $10

Yoga Only


$40 per month
8 Classes
Drop-ins $10

Cardio And Strengthening

Mix & Match

$40 per month
Any 10 Yoga/Cardio Classes
Drop-ins $10

Must be used within a month

Kickboxing Classes

$30 per month
4 Classes
Drop-ins $10

Kickboxing Only